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Cireco Finland produces cost-efficient civil engineering services for our clients. Our comprehensive service pays particularly close attention to environmental impact and the ways to measure it. Our strategic planning is visible to our customers as reliable and high-quality service. Multidisciplinary cooperation is the driving force behind our operation. Our high-quality project management means continuous partnership that incorporates evaluation of clients’ needs, operational planning, project execution, and monitoring and evaluation of operations to maintain and to improve continuous quality.

Cireco Finland’s strength lies in our capabilities in regional development and construction project management, in addition to our high level of circular economy net asset expertise. We have a strong partner network which enables us to provide our clients the best possible expertise as part of our service package. Our design, consultation, and education services in regional development are tailored for each client.

Cireco Finland implements the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute’s Built Positive framework. Built Positive’s goal is to improve the quality and value of products and materials created under the principles of circular economy. Built Positive aims to reduce the use of virgin and non-renewable raw materials and production of waste products, while simultaneously improving health and wellbeing, creating added value to users and owners alike.

There is a growing demand for circular economy solutions on the market and these solutions play an important role in achieving EU, national, and regional climate goals. We want to include the principles and operating models of the circular economy in more and more regional development projects, for example through more efficient allocation of resources, purity and non-toxicity of construction products, as well as reuse and longevity through design. In addition, circular economy construction significantly reduces construction emissions and climate impact while consuming fewer natural resources.

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